# Basic Information

# Service Address


HTTP 200 status code indicates a successful response. The response body might contain a message which will be displayed accordingly.

# Service Application

The API is currently in internal testing, and the application page will be opened soon, please be patient. If you have other needs, please contact customer service.

# Common Error Codes

Common HTTP Error Codes

  • 4XX error codes are used to indicate wrong request content, behavior, format

  • 5XX error codes are used to indicate problems on the server's side

Common Business Error Codes

  • 100001 - Signature authentication failed

  • 100202 - Insufficient balance

  • 100400 - Invalid parameter

  • 100440 - Order price deviates greatly from the market price

  • 100500 - Internal server error

  • 100503 - Server busy


  • If it fails, there will be an error description included in the response body

  • Each interface may throw an exception

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