# Signature Authentication

Interfaces that require authentication must contain following information:

  • Pass apiKey with the X-BX-APIKEY in the request header.
  • Request parameters include signature that is computed based on signature algorithm.
  • Request parameters include timestamp as the timestamp of the request,the unit is millisecond. When the server receives the request, it will judge the timestamp in the request. The request will be considered invalid if it was sent 5000 milliseconds ago. This window time value can be defined by sending the optional parameter recvWindow.

# Signature Description

signature is created by using HMAC SHA256 algorithm to encrypt the request parameters.

Example: Sign the following request

  • API parameters:
quoteOrderQty = 20
side = BUY
symbol = ETH-USDT
timestamp = 1649404670162
type = MARKET
  • API information:
apiKey = Zsm4DcrHBTewmVaElrdwA67PmivPv6VDK6JAkiECZ9QfcUnmn67qjCOgvRuZVOzU
secretKey = UuGuyEGt6ZEkpUObCYCmIfh0elYsZVh80jlYwpJuRZEw70t6vomMH7Sjmf94ztSI
  • Signature method
1. Assemble API parameters: quoteOrderQty=20&side=BUY&symbol=ETHUSDT&timestamp=1649404670162&type=MARKET
2. Use secretKey to generate a signature from the assembled parameter string: 428a3c383bde514baff0d10d3c20e5adfaacaf799e324546dafe5ccc480dd827
   echo -n "quoteOrderQty=20&side=BUY&symbol=ETHUSDT&timestamp=1649404670162&type=MARKET" | openssl dgst -sha256 -hmac "UuGuyEGt6ZEkpUObCYCmIfh0elYsZVh80jlYwpJuRZEw70t6vomMH7Sjmf94ztSI" -hex
3. Send request: https://open-api.bingx.com/openApi/spot/v1/trade/order?quoteOrderQty=20&side=BUY&symbol=ETHUSDT&timestamp=1649404670162&type=MARKET&signature=428a3c383bde514baff0d10d3c20e5adfaacaf799e324546dafe5ccc480dd827
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